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Art Reviews

Women Bare All

Local artists visually take on the meaning of a woman’s body and sexuality. The nude female is alive and well, this winter exposing herself on the walls of Chicago’s galleries.

The rewards of paying attention

Sea of Buddha, the recent show of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photographs and artists’ books curated by Stephanie Smith at the Smart Museum, gave us an exquisitely tuned arrangement of images, all pointing our attention toward attention itself.

Book Review

Xtreme Interiors

SAIC alumna Annette Ferrara and co-author Courtenay Smith tackle the issue of interior designed living.



"She must be a monster"

Patty Jenkins tests our capacity for empathy in her new film about Aileen Wuornos. The title of the film poses a fundamental question: whether or not Aileen Wuornos is a “monster.” The story is told in first-person narrative, which, by the nature of its form, pushes us to empathize with its heroine.

Film Reveiw

Feminism lite

Art and the lack of feminism in the new Julia Robert’s movie, "Mona Lisa Smile". Mona Lisa Smile intrigued me because it deals directly with two things I’m extremely passionate about: art history and feminism. I was unsurprisingly disappointed.