You've clicked the button. Now here's all about submissions to F News!

At F Newsmagazine, we publish both in print and online. F is open to submissions from the entire SAIC and art community. That includes current students, high school students, alumni, teachers, staff, you, me, us, them…

F Newsmagazine is a monthly print publication distributed to thousands of readers across Chicago. posts the material that appears in print, but it updates frequently and is also an online resource. Think carefully about how you’d like to have your submission published, and then visit the Print Guidelines (jump to:) and Online Guidelines (jump to:) below. You’ll find our submission links in their respective sections.

Important: All writers for F News must sign and turn in a Release Statement


So you want your work to be hot off the presses! Here’s how to get it there:

When working on news or feature articles, please contact the editors! This helps avoid confusionæ two people interviewing the same person, overlapping event coverage, etc. It’s a good idea to talk to us ahead of time or submit early if your article needs to run in a particular month. We start planning issues one to two months in advance.

Remember that one page in F carries 1,000 words, more or less. We occasionally publish two-page spreads but these are rare and precious. If you write more than 1,000 words, your work will likely be drastically cut or not published at all. Try to consider how much weight your topic merits. In most cases, reviews should be less than 500 words. Talk to an editor before beginning to write for a clear answer on word count limits.

Artwork enhances articles! If you have artwork to submit, try to submit the actual objects or photos to the F office in Sharp 302, rather than computer files, whenever possible. Don?t forget to include titles, artist names, dates and other pertinent information for photo credits, and make sure you?ve got permission to reproduce work. Please submit digital files (300 dpi at approximate size in which it will be reproduced? in TIFF, EPS, or JPEG formats), slides or glossy prints to the F office on the 13th floor with attention to Amir Berbic.

F will provide photographers at specific events when given advance notice and the event is within a reasonable distance.

Under some circumstances, articles can be published anonymously or under a pseudonym, but we need to have your name and contact information on file.

When quoting sources, be sure to attribute the quote properly. Occasionally with sensitive topics, anonymous tips such as “a student said” or “a high-ranking member of Student Affairs said” will be allowed. However, you should seek sources that will go on record by name.

Please let us know your sources for all facts which might be questionable, such as statistics, artists’ names or works, technical terminology, etc.

SPELL CHECK your work!

Please remember that F is a publication and needs accuracy and quality. Its staff members WILL edit your work. We do not need your permission to verify facts, change language for clarity, correct mistakes or shorten the article when space constrains.

Please submit text files electronically. The best way is to save files as rtf (rich text format) or as text only and e-mail to [email protected]. You can also drop off a zip disk or CD at our editorial office in Sharp 1302.As a web magazine, we at are seeking the kinds of online submissions outlined below. We particularly invite original online work and resource suggestions that deal with issues and topics concerning the art community. If you have an idea for something else, by all means let us know. Remember to spell check and edit your submissions.


Through the spring of 2004, you will see going through a content makeover to strengthen the online voice of the SAIC community. As a web magazine, we’re seeking the kinds of online submissions outlined below. We particularly invite original online work and resource suggestions that deal with issues and topics concerning the art community. If you have an idea for something else, by all means let us know. Remember to spell check and edit your submissions.

Columnists: Whether you've got a one-time submission or you'd like to reappear on a regular basis, we'd love to hear what you have to say. Remember to keep your artsy audience in mind. If you have an idea for an ongoing column, please send a sample column and an outline of what you'd like to do for future columns.

Bloggers: We can link to your blog site, or you can blog on this site. If you'd like to do either, let us know and send us a sample or a link to your work.

Reviewers: If you'd like to do reviews of interest to the SAIC community, we'd love to have you. Let us know what you'd like to review or if you have a specialty, and we'll get you going.

Resource Links: Please tell us the name of the site, the url and a couple of sentences about why you love your link. Ideas and Suggestions: Always welcome! Consider how we can help get the word out on topics of interest to you.


ArtBytes Student Homepage Links: Please tell us your name, degree, program/ concentration and the url of your site. Then, in 100 words or less, write a "teaser" or introduction to your site to let readers know why your site is interesting or unique. See ArtBytes in our Online Campus section. Last of all, spell-check your site!!!

Multimedia Art: This includes video, animation, interactive design and sound. If you do not currently have a website, we ask that you place the files on your own webspace and then we will link to them. All students have a username and password for uploading files to the artic server (It's the same as your e-mail username and password). Make sure your work is in a format that will work across platforms. We suggest the following formats when placing files on a webpage:

Creative Writing: The print edition of F News puts out a literary supplement called Ink twice a year to which you can contribute. However, if you have a series of poems or a very long piece of writing, your submission may be best posted online. If you are perhaps submitting writing as part of a group collection, we can also post that online.

Ideas and suggestions are always welcome!

Note: although we encourage your freedom of expression, we do not publish work whose goal is to cause pointless harm to individuals. Rant, criticize and mock, but remember that this is a public forum of equals.

If you have met our guidelines, email your submissions to: [email protected]