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May 2004, The Future of Art


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The Art of Nation Branding

By Caroline Keem, Jennifer Pincus, Marine Bouvier and Yi-Nung Chou

Getting Serious: Youth Art in the New Millenium

By Amber Smock

Interview: Leather Archives and Museum Director Rick Storer

By N.A. Hayes

Pistil Magazine Takes Wing: SAIC Graduate Student Makes Her Dream a Reality

By Lauria E. Locsmondy

Dead or Alive? Facing the Monster of Identity Politics

By Kymberly Pynder


Memory Remains: Damien Hirst tries to run from Francis Bacon’s shadow… and fails

By Dimitry Tetin

Two tits forward, one giant leap back

By Charles Loie

Do Iraqis have freedom of speech?

By Dani Deahl

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In Memoriam: SAIC remembers John Kurtich

Briefs or Boxers? School Shorts

Art students take on the working world

By S. Amada

Broken Barriers: “Fluid Interfaces” class challenges concepts in art

By Audrey Michelle Mast

Reflections on Crit Week

By Michelle Zis


Bratton, page 3 Bratton, page 3


We killed the future

F Question

Is it too early to put the toe tags on film?

Mouth Off

Summer is almost here.  What songs does SAIC like to hear?

Graphic Spot

"Empty and Lost" by Cayetano Ferrer


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Art Reviews

The Whitney Biennial 2004

By Jenny Gheith and Lyz Nagan

Fair Play: Gearing Up for Art Chicago and The Stray Show

By Ruba Katrib


Cinematters: It's a Jersey Girl! Kevin Smith Goes Paternal

By Eli Ungar


Shattered: The Failure of the Peace Process in the Middle East 1995-2002

By Eli Ungar



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