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A Message From the Editors

Summer is coming to an end. With the change in season also comes a heightened political fervor. Artists want to be artists, but the world doesn’t always give us the space to just do art. Many in the SAIC community have been feeling particularly vulnerable because of the federal investigation of fellow artist, Steve Kurtz. A chilling story of big-brother government, Kurtz is a reminder that freedom is always at stake.

There were moments of great art this summer. From the Santa Fe Biennial to the reopening of our local wonder, the Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth house, these are reminders that there is a reason we love art.

Also in this issue, a hopeful interview with political change superstar, Eli Pariser from MoveOn. His powerful political work is a reminder to us all that young people can make a difference. Susanna Coffey’s moving art graces our cover and a profile of her shows us how artists are speaking, or painting, on the subjects of our time. The regular feature, ArtWatch, continues this theme with a look at art in the news around the world, from the new Museum of Tolerance being built over a Muslim cemetery in Israel, to the guerilla artfare of Bansky. We continue the theme of scary political decisions with an in-depth look in on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump that will result in nuclear waste being transported close to you

Not to be missed: the in-depth look at SAIC’s First Year Program, revolutionizing the way the art school works with new students; an interview with one of the Art Institute’s newest members, President and Director, James Cuno; and an update on upcoming visiting artists.

As always, we at F Newsmagazine welcome your comments and submissions. Please stop by and see us in our new offices on the first floor of the Michigan Building.

Manda Aufochs Gillespie and Dimitry Tetin

Our apologies.

In our May issue we incorrectly referred to the organization ThreeWalls as the Three-Walls Gallery. For more information on this group, please see their website at: www.three-walls.org.

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