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Lets Call It a Day (In Comics)
A Short History of Comics

By Russel Gottwaldt and Lilli Carré

Evolution of the Comic Book Reader

Story By: Shaun Manning,
Ilustrations By: Lucy Knisley
Layout By: Paula Salhany

SAIC Comic Alumni: Jessica Abel, Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall in their own words

In The Shadow Of The Suburbs - or - Living in the wake of some tragedy: A Graphic Response to Art Spiegelman's
In the Shadow of no Towers

By Russell Gottwaldt

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Comic Artist Jim Woodring

By David McDaniel

Holy Shit I Made A Comic Book:
Phenomenon Comics Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan Helland

Story By: Emily Anderson
Ilustrations By: Feras Khagani
Layout By: Maya Bruck

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A Talk by Nick Lowe Addresses the Representation of AIDS

By Tobin Nelson

Focus: Inigo Manglano-Ovalle

By Mariya Strauss

Takashi Murakami

By Michelle Zis

Robert Ryman's Works on Paper

By Ed Schad

Universal Experience: Art, Life and the Tourist's Eye

By Michelle Zis

Western Evolutions: Andrea Zittel at Regen Projects

By Margo Handwerker

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FatgirlTech Talk

F Question:Are Comics Art?

Illustrations by Shellie Fiocca

Artwatch: Christo's Gates, Chris Burden Quits UCLA, Costco Sells Picasso

By Robyn Coffey
Illustrations by Padraig Johnston

Cinematters: Inside Deep Throat

By Eli Ungar

In the Video Databank: Hester Sheurwater

By Carla Barger

Tech Talk: Which Video Camera is Best for You?

By Eli Ungar

School News

Difference and Diversity at SAIC: New Office of Multicultural Affairs Director, James Britt

By Dimitry Tetin

New SAIC Course on the History of Comics

By Michael Bonesteel

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