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~Notes From a War Zone~

"The illusion of separation is foundation for all human suffering" ~Buddhist Proverb

Update ~
Today woke up just like any other day as the traffic increased both in sound and volume in Ras, Beirut where my family and I...

Oil ~
Now they have just hit a small village called Quana. In 1996 it was also attacked killing more than 100 of its residents...

Why I Stay ~
This I feel each morning when I wake up about the events that took place the previous day in Lebanon. Yesterday morning I was...

Notes from a Friend ~
Here's what I can tell you from Syria. Makeshift refugee camps have been set up throughout Syria. Hundreds...

No Rest ~
Israeli troops are fighting Hezbollah in several parts of south Lebanon and in southern Beirut. This becomes apparent when

Maktoub ~
It isn't so eerie anymore, it's all out in the open. Maktoub. A word often used in Arabic it technically means written...

Letter from a Refugee ~
My name is Usama Abu el-Sheikh, and I am from Tabaria, Palestine. I am of course a refugee and have never been...

Sub-human ~
It's odd, but in times of war we are all reduced. Sub-humans would be taking it to the extreme, but our instincts...






































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