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2002 SSND Design Contest

Non-daily Newspapers

Non-news or magazine cover

First: Emily Evans, October 2001
Second: Emily Evans, "Script to Stage"
September 2001

Feature pages

First: Spencer Matern, "Going Postal"
March 2002
Second: Emily Evans, "Steve Albini"
May 2001
Third: Zack Hull, "The Organic Canvas"
April 2002

Editorial or Commentary

Third: Grant Reynolds, "Orange Dirt"
October 2001
Honorable Mention: Wilson T. Widjaja, "Musical Miscalculation: The Lopez Cultural Identity"
September 2001
Honorable Mention: Trev Kelderman, "F News Question"
March 2002

Special section (not regularly appearing)

First: EMily Evans, October 2001

Special section or magazine

First: Zack Hull, "ink: a literary supplement"
December 2001

Computer generated illustration

First: Spencer Matern, "Big Willie"
October 2001

Logo design

Second: Zack Hull, "The Coffee Chronicles"
November 2001

Septeber 11 coverage

First: Emily Evans, October 2001

Designer of the year (non-daily)

Second: Emily Evans
Third: Zack Hull

2002 CSPA

Entertainment Review

3. Joanne Hinkel, "Ad-rap-tation of the Familiar"
CM. Laura Thompson, "Turning Photo Trash Into Art Treasure"

Visual Categories

Art /Illustration
Black and White or Black and White with One Color

4. Kevin Lonergan, "Ad-rap-tation of the Familiar"
5. Daniel Torrente, "Behold Alba"

Portfolio of Work

2. Grant Reynolds


1. Daniel Torrente, "A Better World"
CM. Paul Ronstan, "The Sock Heart"
CM. Paul Ronstan, "The Telethon"

Feature Photograph
Single Feature Photograph

CM. Emily Evans, "Stephen Malkmus"

Overall Design

1. Staff, "F News, April, May, October 2001"

Page One Design
Magazine Format

1. Emily Evans, "October 2001"
2. Emily Evans, "Script to Stage"
2. Lauren Kessinger, "Sex (February 2001)"

Opinion Page Design

1. Luk-Luk Galeb, "Before Night Falls: Pollock"

Feature Page Design

2. Spencer Matern, "Initiating the Future of Design"

Photo Layout
Full Page

CM. Emily Evans, "Stephen Malkmus"

2001 SSND Design Contest

Non-daily Newspapers

Page One/Cover design of non-news section or magazine

Second: Lauren Kessinger, Alba 2000
November 2000

Features page design

Second: Spencer Matern, Initiating the Future of Design
March 2001

Special section

Second: Larry Rowe, Portable Thesis Show
May 2000

Entertainment page design

Second: Emily Evans, December
December 2000

Overall design of newspaper

Third: F Newsmagazine

Hand-drawn illustration

First: Daniel Torrente, Behold, Alba
Nov. 2000

Logo design

First: Spencer Matern, F News Question

Honorable Mention: Emily Evans, Strip Joint
September 2000


Honorable Mention: Lauren Kessinger and Emily Evans

2001 Gold Circle

Verbal Categories

Entertainment Review

CM. Lori Wakman, "Skateboarding"

Perssonal Opinions: Off Campus Issue

3. Sketch, "Hell sector"

Art /Illustration
Black and white with one color

1. Chun-Shan Yi, "Log-on"
2. Alejandro Ayala, "Taking it for granted"
3. Daniel Torrente, "Parade of puppeteers"

Page One Design
Tabloid Format

1. Larry Rowe, "December cover"

News Page Design

1. Lauren Kessinger, "Capital conflict"
CM. Jill Beers, "School news"

Opinion Page Design:(Magazine Format)

1. Lauren Kessinger, "Web galleries"
2. Emily Evans, "Emerging artists"
3. Lauren Kessinger, " Art of skateboarding"

Feature Page Design

2. Chi Kim & Larry Rowe, "Burned out"
3. Larry Rowe, "Panties to prove it"

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