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February 2004


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Bratton, page 3

Bratton bids farewell

Dean of Undergraduate Studies leaves SAIC to accept College Presidency in California

Making artists

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is changing the way it thinks about how to teach artists-to-be. In 2004, SAIC’s First Year Program will shift from the traditional modernist idea of the “artist as isolated individual,” to the artist as collabrating “community member” and “citizen.”

School News Brief

The Art Institute of Chicago Board of Trustees has announced the appointment of James Cuno to the position of Director and President of the Art Institute.

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matthew richkeumjoo sukbarbieartwatch 2

Artists' Showcase

Matthew Rich

Keumjoo Suk


Barbie and her new appliances.

Reverend Billy arrested in Berlin

Homeland Security gobbles up the Art Fraud Investigation Center

Hirst: The rip-off artist?

An artistic shoe fetish

Photographer Helmut Newton passes on

Israeli Ambassador vandalizes an installation

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La la lovelyhaititravails of cultureLampoPolice state


LA LA LA Lovely

Chroeographer Eduard Lock, the man behind the moves


The Politics of Representation, Haiti

“The current state of unrest in Haiti is real. These events are receiving international coverage in the media.” What does the mention of Haiti conjure up in your mind?

Sites of Power, The travels and travails of culture

When culture travels, it leaves its tracks, and those tracks lead to Japan, USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, and China. More significantly, it becomes evident that those who create culture are also the ones that control it.



Lampo brings rare sounds to Chicago

Over the past five years, Lampo has truly proven itself as a world-class venue for experimental music and sound art.

Political Circus

This is what a police state looks like

Protest and repression at the FTAA in Miami

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xtreme interiorsWomen bare allPaying AttentionMonsterMona Lisa Smile

Book Review

Xtreme Interiors

SAIC alumna Annette Ferrara and co-author Courtenay Smith tackle the issue of interior designed living.

Art Reviews

Women Bare All

Local artists visually take on the meaning of a woman’s body and sexuality. The nude female is alive and well, this winter exposing herself on the walls of Chicago’s galleries.

The rewards of paying attention

Sea of Buddha, the recent show of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photographs and artists’ books curated by Stephanie Smith at the Smart Museum, gave us an exquisitely tuned arrangement of images, all pointing our attention toward attention itself.


"She must be a monster"

Patty Jenkins tests our capacity for empathy in her new film about Aileen Wuornos.

Film Reveiw

Feminism lite

Art and the lack of feminism in the new Julia Robert’s movie, "Mona Lisa Smile".

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