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Edumund C. Arnold Society for News Design MSU Student Affiliate 2005 Design Contest

Front page design: 3rd place: Amir Berbic
Front page design: Honorable Mention: Gabriela Tejada & Alexa Joyce
Art & Illustration: Honorable Mention: Anne Hankey

(SSND) Student Society for News Design Contest 2005

First place in overall design: F Newsmagazine

First place, designer of the year:
Gabriela Tejada
Second place, designer of the year: Alexa Joyce

Page one/cover design of non-news section
·  First place:
Russell Gottwald
    "Special Comics Issue"

·  Second place: Gabriela Tejada, Carrie Dyer
    "Elections 2004"

Features page design: single page or spread
·  First place:
Alexa Joyce
    "John Reuter-Pacyna"

·  Second place: Emily Evans
    "A Billion A Year: Dead Birds, Killer Buildings"

·  Third place: Shellie Fiocca
    "Graphic Content"

·  Honorable mention: Gabriela Tejada
    "Everything is Design"

Overall design of a special section or magazine
·   First place:
Wilson Wdjadja, Alexa Joyce, Christy Kim

Magazine or special section cover awards

·  Second Place: Christine Kim
    Ink (Hand tool)

·  Third Place: F News staff
    Election 2004

Hand-drawn or computer-generated illustration

·  First place: Russell Gottwald
    "Things I Would Wrap"

·  Second place: Min Lee
   "Easter Sunday"

·  Third place: Russell Gottwald
    "Special Comics Issue"

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association
Silver Crown Certificate Spring 2004

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association
Silver Crown Certificate Fall 2003

Masala II and OMA Awards: Outstanding Student Group Event 2003

(Advisor: Paul Elitzik)

2003 SSND Design Contest

For pictures of 2003 design winners go to the SSND awards website .

Overall Newspaper Design

First Place: Staff, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Designer of the year (non-daily)

Second Place: Wilson T. Widjaja
Third Place
: Trev Kelderman

Non-daily Newspapers and Non-news or magazine cover

First Place: Trev Kelderman, October 2002
Second Place: Rebecca Kramer, December 2002
Honorable Mention: Zach Hull, May 2002
Honorable Mention: Trev Kelderman, Emily Evans and Spencer Matern, November 2002

Feature pages

Second Place: Spencer Matern, November 2002
Third Place
: Wilson T. Widjaja, March 2003
Honorable Mention:
Wilson T. Widjaja, November 2002

Photo Page

First Place: Spencer Matern and Emily Evans, September 2002
Second Place:
Zack Hull and Emily Evans, April 2002
Third Place: Trev Kelderman and Ishan Khosla, November 2002
Honorable Mention: Janine Nock and Maureen Murphy, February 2003

Special section or magazine

Second Place: Spencer Matern, "ink: a literary supplement", May 2002

Entertainment Page

First Place: Mike Pajon, October 2002
Honorable Mention: Spencer Matern, October 2002


First Place: Padraig Johnston, March 2003

2003 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Collegiate Awards

Gold Crown Award (1 of 6 presented)

2002 for Excellence in Illinois College Newspapers
Given by the Illinois College Press Association

General Excellence

Second Place: Staff, October 2002

Headline Writing

Third Place: Yvonne Dutchover: "Sweet Imperfection"

Feature Story

First Place: Lamaretta Simmons for "Stamp Art"
Honorable Mention: Lamaretta Simmons for "WTC Uncut"

Feature Page Design

Second Place: Zach Hull: "Oraganic Canvas"

Photo Essay

Second Place: Emily Evans: "Unintentional Realism"

2002 SSND Design Contest
Non-daily Newspapers and Non-news or magazine cover

First Place: Emily Evans, October 2001
Second Place:
Emily Evans, "Script to Stage"
September 2001

Feature pages

First Place: Spencer Matern, "Going Postal"
March 2002
Second Place:
Emily Evans, "Steve Albini"
May 2001
Third Place: Zack Hull, "The Organic Canvas"
April 2002

Editorial or Commentary

Third Place: Grant Reynolds, "Orange Dirt"
October 2001
Honorable Mention:
Wilson T. Widjaja, "Musical Miscalculation: The Lopez Cultural Identity"
September 2001
Honorable Mention: Trev Kelderman, "F News Question"
March 2002

Special section (not regularly appearing)

First Place: EMily Evans, October 2001

Special section or magazine

First Place: Zack Hull, "ink: a literary supplement"
December 2001

Computer generated illustration

First Place: Spencer Matern, "Big Willie"
October 2001

Logo design

Second Place: Zack Hull, "The Coffee Chronicles"
November 2001

Septeber 11 coverage

First Place: Emily Evans, October 2001

Designer of the year (non-daily)

Second Place: Emily Evans
Third Place: Zack Hull

2002 CSPA

Entertainment Review

First Place: Joanne Hinkel, "Ad-rap-tation of the Familiar"
Second Place:
CM. Laura Thompson, "Turning Photo Trash Into Art Treasure"

Visual Categories

Art /Illustration: Black and White or Black and White with One Color

First Place: Kevin Lonergan, "Ad-rap-tation of the Familiar"
Second Place:
Daniel Torrente, "Behold Alba"

Portfolio of Work

Grant Reynolds


First Place: Daniel Torrente, "A Better World"
Second Place: CM. Paul Ronstan, "The Sock Heart"
Third Place: CM. Paul Ronstan, "The Telethon"

Feature Photograph :Single Feature Photograph

CM. Emily Evans, "Stephen Malkmus"

Overall Design

First Place: Staff, "F News, April, May, October 2001"

Page One Design: Magazine Format

First Place: Emily Evans, "October 2001"
Second Place: Emily Evans, "Script to Stage"
Third Place: Lauren Kessinger, "Sex (February 2001)"

Opinion Page Design

First Place: Luk-Luk Galeb, "Before Night Falls: Pollock"

Feature Page Design

Second Place: Spencer Matern, "Initiating the Future of Design"

Photo Layout: Full Page

CM. Emily Evans, "Stephen Malkmus"

2001 SSND Design Contest

Non-daily Newspapers: Page One/Cover design of non-news section or magazine

Second Place: Lauren Kessinger, Alba 2000
November 2000

Features page design

Second Place: Spencer Matern, Initiating the Future of Design
March 2001

Special section

Second Place: Larry Rowe, Portable Thesis Show
May 2000

Entertainment page design

Second Place: Emily Evans, December
December 2000

Overall design of newspaper

Third Place: F Newsmagazine

Hand-drawn illustration

First Place: Daniel Torrente, Behold, Alba
Nov. 2000

Logo design

First Place: Spencer Matern, F News Question
Honorable Mention:
Emily Evans, Strip Joint
September 2000


Honorable Mention: Lauren Kessinger and Emily Evans

2001 Gold Circle

Verbal Categories: Entertainment Review

First Place: CM. Lori Wakman, "Skateboarding"
Second Place: Perssonal Opinions: Off Campus Issue
Third Place: Sketch, "Hell sector"

Art /Illustration: Black and white with one color

First Place: Chun-Shan Yi, "Log-on"
Second Place: Alejandro Ayala, "Taking it for granted"
Third Place: Daniel Torrente, "Parade of puppeteers"

Page One Design: Tabloid Format

First Place: Larry Rowe, "December cover"

News Page Design

First Place: Lauren Kessinger, "Capital conflict" CM. Jill Beers, "School news"

Opinion Page Design:(Magazine Format)

First Place: Lauren Kessinger, "Web galleries"
Second Place: Emily Evans, "Emerging artists"
Third Place: Lauren Kessinger, " Art of skateboarding"

Feature Page Design

First Place: Chi Kim & Larry Rowe, "Burned out"
Second Place: Larry Rowe, "Panties to prove it"



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