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You are here: Table of Contents for the print edition online! FEBRUARY 2006 !

   Letters to the Editor: Angry letters to the editors Students speak out on SAIC's new logo Illustration by Emile Ferris
   Artwatch: We know Mona Lisa's grinnin' but we still don't know why by Zoe Weisman Illustration by Dimitry Tetin
   Artwatch: Duchamp's Fountain attacked by performance artist Pierre Pioncelli strikes again by Katrina Kuntz
   Artwatch: Yet another artist's fight against loneliness by Katrina Kuntz
   Artwatch: Trial of former Getty curator continues in Rome by Robyn Coffey
   Artwatch: Video artist Jason Salavon at AIC by Katrina Kuntz
   Artwatch: Painter Trevor Corneliusen turns hip-hop artist by Katrina Kuntz Illustration by Robyn Coffey
   School News: Smelling your peers in line is now optional by Russell Gottwald
   School News: An Incomplete Map of Everything by Katrina Kuntz
   Online Romance: Virtual Love by Nicolette Bond Illustration by Feras Khagani
   Artist's Books: Back those bulletins up: Joan Flasch Artists Books Collection gets Dutchy by Ian Morrison
   Survey: Religion, Politics... Who Cares? by Russell Gottwaldt
   Sexual Health: What's that lump on your dick? by a guy you might know* Illustration by Russell Gottwaldt
   Photo Essay: Bathroom Graffiti from the Bowels of our School
   Media Commentary: The War on Christmas Pundits Plot to Destroy The Spirit of the Season by Simon Hunt
   F NEWS QUESTION: Artists like John Kacere and Hilo Chen have taken a lot of flack for their use of the female body and the male gaze. What do you think about the classic female nude? Illustration by Brigitte Caine
   Event Coverage: Making Art out of Anti-art by Travis Hugh Culley
   Event Coverage: SAIC February Events
   World News: Limbo in the News by Jessica Wigent Illustration by Emile Ferris
   World News: New Video Work about Lawyer who was convicted of aiding terrorists by Jessica Wigent
   Profile: Hello, Hello Meet Edward Lifson, one of Chicago art's biggest boosters by Britany Salsbury
   Gallery: The State for Staged Photography Jeff Wall Retrospective and Symposium at the Tate Modern by Tim Ridlen
   Reviews: Out-Marted How Robert Greenwald's film is causing changes by Martha Watterson
   Column: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't eat pigeons by Isaiah Cunnally
   Voices: Dear Internet Story and Illustration by Robyn Coffey
   Comics: Tales of Woodsman Pete by Lilli Carre, Elbow by Russell Gottwaldt, and Storm's Coming by Simon Hunt



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