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Contact F Newsmagazine

To advertise in F Newsmagazine, email:
[email protected] or call

F is a monthly newsmagazine open to
submissions from anyone in the school
and arts community. For submission
guidelines, please contact the editors at
[email protected] or 312.899.5110.

Letters Policy:
F Newsmagazine welcomes letters to the
editor. In order to be published, all letters
must include contact information so we
can verify the identity of the writer.
Names may be withheld upon request,
but all letters must be verified before
publication. Please keep letters to a length
of no more than 250 words. The editors
reserve the right to cut letters that exceed
this length.

Send letters to F News, 37 S. Wabash
Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603 or email to
[email protected]


F Newsmagazine,
37 S. Wabash Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60603
312-599-5110, FAX 312-629-9486
Contact: Lamaretta Simmons or Heidi Broadhead, Editors.
Monthly magazine published by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago covering school and art news.

F is open to submissions from the entire SAIC and arts community. Please keep in mind that F editors and staff will decide what is published, but we will be happy to consider your work. If we decide not to publish your work, an editor will be available to discuss it with you and let you know why it will not be published or what steps you can take to improve your article.

When submitting work, please observe the following guidelines:

* When working on news or feature articles, please contact the editors. This helps us avoid confusion - two people interviewing the same person, overlapping event coverage, etc. It is a good idea to talk to us ahead of time and/or submit early if your article needs to run in a particular month. We start planning issues one to two months in advance.

* Keep in mind that one page in F carries 1,000 words, more or less. We occasionally publish two-page spreads but these are rare and precious. If you write more than 1,000 words your work will likely be drastically cut or not published at all. When thinking about the length of the article, try to consider how much weight the topic merits and keep minor articles short and to the point. In most cases, reviews should be limited to less than 500 words.

* When submitting to us, please submit files electronically. The best way is to save files as rtf (rich text format) and email to [email protected] or drop off a zip disk with the file at our editorial office, Sharp 1302.

* The inclusion of artwork always enhances articles. If you have artwork to submit, you should submit the actual objects or photos to the F office, rather than computer files, whenever possible. Don't forget to include titles, artist names, dates and other pertinent information for photo credits, and make sure permission to reproduce the work is granted (*images off the web are copywrited & need consent for use). F will provide photographers at specific events when given advance notice and the event is within a reasonable distance.

* Under some circumstances, articles can be published anonymously or under pseudonyms, but we will have to have your name and contact information on file.

* When quoting sources, be sure to properly attribute the quote. Occasionally and with sensitive topics, anonymous tips such as "a student said" or "a high-ranking member of Student Affairs said" will be allowed. However, writers should always seek sources to go on record by name.

* Please let us know your sources for all facts which might be questionable such as statistics, names of artists or works, technical terminology, etc.

* Please remember that F is a publication and needs accuracy and quality. Its staff members WILL edit your work. We do not need your permission to verify facts, change language for clarity, correct mistakes or shorten the article when space constrains.

* You can be paid up to $15-$40 for an article, depending on content, length, writing quality, amount of legwork required and our need for the article.

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