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SAIC's most beloved comics list

Out of all the comic book genres, illustrators at SAIC will often adopt a few particulars to love and cherish as their major influences. Popular comic styles through which many students define themselves are:

By Russell Gottwald

1. The “I’m a lovable pervert” comics

2. The “I’m shy, but succinctly clever” comics

3.The “I love spandex,” golden age of comics

oh my gawrsh love is fragile, like china (the country) fuckin commies

4.The “I’m so Goth it hurts” comics

5.The “I’m miserable and self-conscious” comics

6.The “I’m miserable, but melancholy, too” comics

Tim burton rules Just being around you makes me miserable, but don't leave me Existense is a sad, ambiguous walk

7.The “I woke up this morning as a velociraptor” comics

8.The “I’m quirky without being annoying” comics

9.The “I love non-specific anime” comics

HOLY CRAP I am a talking flower. That is quirky, but not exceedingly quirky Why do you have dog ears?

10.The “I enjoy good-natured comic strips” comics

do you want to play football Charlie Brown? Eat shit Lucy    




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