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Shellie Fiocca - It's All Under Control

Quicktime 7.0 Download

Shellie Fiocca

Artist Statement
I am a second year graduate student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Visual Communications department. I am also the Webmaster here at Fnewsmagazine Online, the student run news publication at the School. In my thesis work I am painting opaquely over magazines and mail order catalogs to reverse the role of producer vs. purchaser. I am interested in the internal censorship by the consumer and the amount of distraction that comes into play while recieving messages.

Movie Info
Title: It's All Under Control
Media: Mixed Media (Print, Paint, Pen, Then Mini DV Footage) Quicktime Movie, Length: 3:36
?Producer: Shellie Fiocca
Music: Bloc Party "Pioneers" (Album: Silent Alarm)

This is my first attempt at video editing and I wanted to focus on investigating my artistic process. It is important for my audience to understand the disection of a moment in time.

Copyright 2005-6 Shellie Fiocca | Unauthorized use or duplication is a violation of applicable laws and is subject to prosecution.


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