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Evan Lee- The Van Damage

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Evan Lee

Artist Statement
.My name is Evan Lee. I was born and raised in Chicago. I am a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and I am currently trying to pursue a career in the field of video editing. My interest in editing came about four and a half years ago when I got access to a digital camcorder and just started shooting stuff. With all that footage I decided to edit it in Imovie and eventually made a mini movie of my Freshman year of college. From them I try to do as many projects that I can whether they are my own or handed to me.

Movie Info
Title: The Van Damage
Media: DVDs, and VHS’s
Length: 4:17;00

Editor: Evan Lee
Actor: The incredible Jean-Claude Van Damme. I would personally like to thank Mr. Van Damme for all the hours of working out, martial arts training, and English lessons he did in order to prepare for his role in this video. He truly is an inspiration to all up and coming cheesy action film stars. Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and the Rock have nothing on you my friend (Segal is second, but a distant second). Here’s to you Nok Su Kou!!!

One of the big reasons for the creation of this video came from one of the lessons in the class. I think it was my second class when Mike showed everybody how to capture from other media, like VHS and DVD. For projects that I usually worked on it would always be with footage I shot on my own. Now knowing how to capture from VHS and DVD really opened up my eyes to other possibilities. I had learned other valuable techniques from class, but none of them are used for this particular video because of a piece of advice that Mike and Nat had given me. They said to stick with just using the clips from the Van Damme movies since this is suppose to make fun of him. If I were to use some of the techniques learned in class, like time remapping, it would be more about what I was doing rather than the comedy that is Van Damme.

Copyright 2005-6 Evan Lee | Unauthorized use or duplication is a violation of applicable laws and is subject to prosecution.


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