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Matt Hill - Black Cat, 00:03:59

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Matt Hill

Artist Statement
Matt works in Chicago as a network engineer and spends much of his time getting to know different varieties of creative software. Of special interest to him is the idea of using mathematics to generate pseudo-organic pieces, such as moving fractals.

Movie Info
Title: "Black Cat"
Media: Video
Length: 3:59
Production Notes:
music by Broadcast from Tender Buttons - 2005
adapted from Jean-Luc Godard's Le Mépris (aka Contempt) - 1963
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Apple Final Cut Pro

Work started on this project with the intent of recreating the story and mood of Contempt in a new setting: a music video, and a new form: vector art. As time progressed the focus shifted from the story to the movement and shapes of Godard's film. By examining these aspects closely, the story and mood that was the original focus became subtly implied. Also, the removal of color incites the viewer to focus on the characters and abstract shapes.

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