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April 2004, The List Issue


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They're like potato chips for your eyes!

Yet more lists

Top Ten Comic Styles compiled for your edification by Comics Editor Russell Gottwaldt

Diamond Voo-Doo

Two articles to make you think twice about buying another piece of ice.


F's first nude centerfold.


Barbara Degenevieve interviews Rashid Johnson, a successful artist who did the unexpected: he went back to school.

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The Editors explain what F and lists have in common.

F Question

SAIC throws in its own two cents on the most overrated contemporary artist.

Mouth Off

Why wait for Celebrity Death Match the movie when SAIC students will set up pop culture battles for you?


Selected writings from SAIC verbal artists.

F Gallery

Anne Hankey’s A Field Guide to Purses.

Graphic Spot

Christine Taylor's White Noise.


Things you did not know about Millennium Park

The photograph is dead. Long live the photograph!

You might be the only person on Earth who hasn’t seen the Leonardo exhibit

School News

Bratton, page 3 Bratton, page 3

SAIC Dorm Students Get S M A R T

Max Schubert covers the art-making group for dorm residents.

Oh the Irony!

Michelle "Eden" Rose sees into the future of art students as computer geeks.

Where does all the Waste Go?

Stephanie Amada delves into our communal unsorted trash to examine recycling at SAIC

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Music Review

Hit The Decks

Drury Brennan has lists of jazz records for your to perusal… you dig?

Art Reviews

Curator's Pick

"Beyond Convention" in the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries
Mark Pascale recommends this unique artists' ephemera show.

Exhibit Reviews

Robyn Coffey checks out the SAIC Fashion Resource Center's Social Seduction Show at the Betty Rymer Gallery.


The Passion of the Christ: Is it"As It Was"?

Sales, violence and religion: Eli Ungar reviews the issues in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.


Go ahead read them first, prove the statistics right

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